Georgetown Lake Cabin, MT
King's Hideout, MT
GDC Guest House, MT
Bishop Cabin, MT

Our dream has been to have a traditional hand hewn log cabin at our farm in Montana. We found a homestead log structure from 1895 and had it disassembled and moved to our farm. Mark Weirich worked with us and drew the plans, including an addition of a kitchen and bathroom. He also advised us on the placement of the structure and the sight lines.

Throughout the construction phase Mark was present to check on the progress and make any necessary changes. He also helped with the interior finishes and lighting.

In the end Mark made our dream a reality and we have a beautiful authentic hand hewn log cabin with a loft, dry stacked moss rock fireplace and addition. The interior and exterior finishes exceeded all expectations. I would recommend using Mark Weirich because of his depth of practical experience, artistic ability and vision. Thanks to Mark for making it all come together. 

John Bishop
Bozeman, Montana
February 1, 2007

Baker Springs , MT
Madison River Cabin, MT
Cabin on Central Park
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